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Fear of the Invisible by Janine Roberts

I bought this book because from her previous writing I already knew that the author had analysed some of the same source documents about the discovery of HIV that I had and come to the same conclusions. It was already a subject about which I considered myself fairly knowledgeable so I was eager to see what a whole book's worth of investigation would reveal. In the event I found it absolutely stunning to read.

Most people write informational books as if they have the answers all sorted out by the time they've started writing. Janine's is more of an exciting roller-coaster journey of discovery through biology, more like 'Indiana Jones and the trail of death'. She starts off following the trail of some loose thread, but ends up sweeping across biological plains, climbing immunological mountains and traversing dangerous virological crevasses. Her writing proceeds with pace, and with a penetrating fact here and incisive analysis there, neatly and devastatingly severing the tendons of many preconceptions, leavin them floundering in her wake - but, leaving behind an alternative model of understanding that, for me at least, on several occasions correlated with personal experiences and pretty comprehensively just made so much sense. But then she drags you after her as she chases the next horizon set by the questions that have just been raised by the new discoveries. Both the breadth and depth of her research and understanding are very impressive yet key points and principles are clearly explained and easy to follow.

This really is quite a breathtaking read, even for someone already relatively well-versed in detailed scientific technicalities of some of the topics covered. For many people it really will be a perception-changing book regarding some sacred cows of medical science that have a direct impact on our every day lives and our perception of the world being such a hostile biological place. It left me with more respect for the complexity and intelligence hidden in our own bodies.

Something I find really annoying in most books that cite various sources is when the references are at the end of the chapter or most commonly right at the back of the book, making it more difficult to look things up. Fortunately, Janine has sensibly placed references and extra detailed notes at the bottom of the page so they are easier to follow. Also, some of the most shocking documents that reveal the extent of Robert Gallo's claim to have found the cause of AIDS was far more comprehensively fraudulent than any of the official investigations have acknowledged, are reproduced in full at the end of the book. However these are a bit hard to read and could have been made clearer.

In summary, I found this book so important that I immediately ordered two more copies for friends I thought should read it for themselves so I can hang on to my copy. My main wish is that she'd chosen a title with as much punch as the contents of the book itself.

'Fear of the Invisible', Janine Roberts, Impact Investigative Media Productions, ISBN 978-0-9559177-2-1