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UK Premiere - "I Won't Go Quietly"

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Ann Sono's film about women dealing with an HIV+ diagnosis, "I Won't Go Quietly", is to have its UK premier at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) on 25th April, 2014, starting at 6pm. It will cost £5, but that includes a free drink (soft) and a discussion panel after the film.

The film documents the journey of each of the women, how they dealt with the diagnosis initially, how their relationships with medical professionals and the law changed, their own history of whether they took medication or not, the implications for their children, and for some, a tragic eventual ending.

The film is powerful and moving, and anyone whose brain isn't totally switched off or stuck in the tramlines of an orthodox perspective will have questions about what doctors and the majority of the media keep promulgating about HIV and AIDS - and those 'life-saving' drugs. It is filmed approximately 50% in English and the rest is subtitled in English.

The discussion panel afterwards will include:

  • The Director, Ann Sono, who will be able to share behind the scenes details, stories that had to be cut, and follow-up.
  • Joan Shenton, former national TV broadcaster and journalist, and award-winning documentary maker. She has just finished editing a documentary about a group of long-term 'non-progressors' - now branded 'elite controllers' by the AIDS orthodoxy just to make sure you believe there's no hope of you emulating their success - and we hope to be announcing when that will be shown soon as well.
  • Mike Hersee, co-founder of HEAL London, who has been involved with a number of couples and single mothers and their battles to protect their children against the bullying and arrogant onslaught by the medical establishment, aided and abetted by an obseqious judiciary
  • At least one or two women who have found themselves in the same situation as women in the film and who will be able to answer questions personally.

The film promotional website is http://www.iwontgoquietly.com/en/

NOTE: This is a ticketed-only event. To book your seat now, go to http://www.ticketor.com/bluebell.de/tickets/i-won-t-go-quietly-british-premiere-700