HEAL London

Health Education and AIDS Liaison - a more intelligent approach

HEAL London features in John McNair Show podcast

HEAL London co-founder Mike Hersee was interviewed for two consecutive podcasts by investigative philosopher John McNair. For the podcast list including interviews with other AIDS dissidents go to www.johnmcnairshow.mypodcast.com.


For the first interview download the mp3 at http://www.mypodcast.com/fsaudio/johnmcnairshow_20080801_0042-270448.mp3. Issues raised in this interview include, "How could so many doctors be wrong?"; "If it's not HIV, what's killing so many people?"; "An HIV diagnosis - the self-fulfilling prophesy of death"


For the second interview download the mp3 at http://www.mypodcast.com/fsaudio/johnmcnairshow_20080803_2211-271820.mp3. Issues raised in this interview include, "What can people who've been diagnosed HIV+ do to improve their chances of survival?"; "How do you cope when people around you are pressuring you to take drugs you believe to be toxic?"; "Why are Aborigines more likely to be diagnosed HIV+ pro-rata than white people?"


Both interviews are about an hour long each - but we hope you'll find both revealing and interesting.