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  • Want to meet other people who are challenging the orthodox perspective of AIDS?
  • Want to share stories with others who've had experiences that contradict what most people believe?
  • Want to be automatically informed of the details of future meetings?
  • Want to get to know others who you can personally ask questions about their experiences and understandings from a more thought-through, dissenting perspective.

If your own analysis of the situation leads you to form a different perspective about what's really going on with HIV/AIDS than what the vast majority of medical professionals, the media, and most people on the street believe, it's incredibly difficult to sustain that by yourself.

If you've been condemned by an HIV+ diagnosis as well or your partner has, so that it becomes a personal 'life-or-death' matter, it's even harder. There is a heck of a difference between intellectually analysing the situation from a disociated position, compared to having the issue slammed right up in your face, where the decisions you make could have a life-or-death significance to your or your partner.

Holding on to a different set of beliefs becomes much easier when you can associate in person or by email with people who think along the same lines as you. If you find yourself in that position of wanting to get to talk to and meet others we invite you to join HEAL London. It's as easy as subscribing to our Yahoo group.

it's a closed group so only members can read posts and moderated to avoid spam and unpleasant posts. Feel free to join.

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